Overview of the FemetoJack

The FemtoJack is an innovative and revolutionary product which is guaranteed to be extremely popular once it is released. It was created by the makers of the magic Jack and like the magic Jack is a USB device, which allows unlimited phone calls. The only difference however is that the femtoJack works with a cell phone instead of a regular phone. Where magic Jack was limited to landline calling, the femtoJack is far superior since it facilitates calls through a cell phone without any wires needed.

The device works on femto technology, which enables it to operate on cellular frequencies by grabbing a cell call within it's ranging and routing it through the femtoJack and onward through a high speed internet connection. The result is totally eliminating your mobile carrier while in range of your femtoJack.

This device is indeed simple, in terms of both cost as well as use. Available at an initial rate of $40, with an annual renewal cost of $20. When it comes to use, the process is equally easy. All the user has to do is insert the femtoJack into the USB port and do a quick installation. The device automatically connects with your cell phone when you bring it within several feet of your computer and then you are ready to go. You can then roam around and talk at leisure anywhere within the femtoJack roughly 2500 square foot range.

With such amazing features, the femtoJack will undoubtedly be very hot. However, there are certain limitations, which may hinder the products release. This includes legal and technical issues related to the how the device operates. The device functions on a wireless spectrum, which the cellular companies have paid billions to lease and keep to themselves. Due to this there are chances of legal constraints which may limit the femtoJacks ability to use this spectrum.

Another disadvantage includes the exclusive compatibility of femtoJack with GSM phones. This means that users with Verizon or Sprint phones cannot use the device. However there is word that the company behind the product is already working to produce a device that works with other cell technologies.

Despite it's several limitations the femtoJack is still an amazing innovation that is certain to be a big hit and a huge money saver. A wonder product that many would be open to purchasing, especially in these tough economic times. Now we just have to hope that the cell companies don't find a way to block the devices approval. Something that would clearly hurt many Americans pocket book while only benefiting a few.